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To see through the eyes of a child is to see with the eyes of God

My mother said that I was drawing before I could write my name. I was a child prodigy, and born to become an artist. As one of the rare locals, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, I had a fondness for abandoned number 2 pencils that I would find on the streets and sidewalks, and would often draw portraits of my stuffed animals.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at UC Santa Cruz, where I discovered photography, and developed a fondness for the natural world – and Banana Slugs. Later, I became obsessed with the newly developing field of Computer Graphics, and received my Master's Degree in that field from Cal. State LA., becoming one of the early digital Fine Artists to have my work included in the 1994 ACM SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, England.

I am currently located in Pasadena, California – deeply inspired by the natural world around me – revisiting the world that I left behind as a child.

Patric Prince Archive at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Liz Crimzon's artwork has been included in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.  

Selections of her early Computer Generated Fine Art, are included in the Patric Prince Archive, which was gifted to the Victoria and Albert Museum, by Patric Prince.  One of the images, titled “Mann” was created in 1993.

"Prince is an American art historian and collector of Computer Art, who followed and documented its rise from the earliest days. She was responsible for organising some of the key computer art exhibitions, including the SIGGRAPH retrospective in 1986, as well as lecturing and writing on the subject extensively…. Over a period of years Patric amassed one of the most extensive collections of computer art, consisting of around 200 original art works, and a substantial archive charting the rise of computer-generated arts."

—Victoria and Albert Museum

"Mann", a computer generated image consisting of a broken concrete background, with an open hand in front showing a stone with the Rune sybol "Mann" engraved in it.
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